Whether you run a business or an apartment complex, you’re going to need some way to make sure that only authorised people are allowed in and out. What this means will differ based on your type of business and your needs. If you are running a bar or a club, you might want to offer people some kind of one-time use identification once they’ve paid the cover charge to get into the establishment. If you’re running an apartment complex, however, you’ll need a way to offer people repeated access to the facility. The same is true for an office building. There are many different options out there. Some of them are good, and some of them are not as workable. For example, many clubs rely on paper wristbands to identify who should and should not be allowed in the building. That might work for one night, but you have to buy hundreds of different kinds of wristbands in different colours. If you reuse the same wristbands, someone could easily pay for a wristband and then re-use it on different nights. The paper wristbands are often designed to be one-time use, but there are very simple ways that people can game the system. They’re not secure. There is a very affordable method that you can use, though.

RFID Chips

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is technology that is not very new, but it has become much more affordable recently. The chips emit a small radio frequency that coincides with a radio frequency receiver. When the chip matches the designated frequency on the emitter, that person is allowed in. If the chip does not match the frequency, or there is no chip at all, that person is not allowed in. You have probably experienced this with the towers that line the entrances and exits of retail stores. They emit a sound when the matching frequency is met, and are intended to divert theft, but the concept remains the same.


Custom RFID wristbands can be set to a certain frequency so that only certain people are allowed in. They are comfortable because they don’t have to be made of paper. Also, they can be printed with the logo of your business or any other relevant information. Disposable wristbands are great for concerts, clubs, and other such venues. Even if you re-use disposable wristbands, they will only work on the designated night. This is a great way to prevent people from gaming your security system.

Reusable RFID

Certain businesses need reusable RFID systems, which are available in the form of wristbands, cards, and labels. An RFID label is especially convenient because they can be stuck to wallets, phone cases, and bags. If you are running an office or apartment complex, these are especially helpful. Your tenants can stick the labels to their phones or purses and be able to get into the building without the hassle of having to search for a key.

An RFID card is also very useful for this purpose. If you supply your tenants with a card that they can keep on their person, they will always have it, and it won’t take up much space as clunky key chains.